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America’s English Language School’s Graduate School Test Preparation program is designed to meet the needs of ELL students who plan to enter a university graduate program in the near future. Students may choose between two specialization courses – LSAT® Preparation and GRE®/GMAT® Preparation. Additionally, students continue to work on improving their English language proficiency with three additional courses: Applied English Grammar, Advanced Writing Workshop, and Critical Reading.

Students applying for Graduate Test Preparation must have a Bachelor’s degree and have scored a minimum score of an 80 on the TOEFL®.


Applied English Grammar (4.5 hours/week)
Applied English Grammar is designed for students who have a solid understanding of English grammar and are ready to put that knowledge to practical use. The course features a review of grammar principles studied in Levels 1-6 which are practiced with controlled exercises as well as frequent writing assignments.

Specialization Courses (10 hours/week)

LSAT® Preparation (8 hours/week)
The LSAT® Test Preparation course is designed to assist students seeking admission to Law School prepare for the LSAT® exam. Students participate in text-based drills and test simulations.

GRE®/GMAT® Verbal Component (4 hours/week)
The GRE-GMAT Verbal Test Preparation course is designed to assist students seeking admission to Graduate School prepare for the verbal sections of the GMAT® or GRE®. Students review question types and strategies, review pertinent grammar points, and cover frequently used vocabulary.

GRE®/GMAT ®Quantitative Component (4 hours/week)
The GRE-GMAT Quantitative Reasoning Test Preparation course is designed to assist students seeking admission to Graduate School prepare for the quantitative sections of the GMAT ®or GRE®. Students review mathematical rules and concepts and learn specific test-taking strategies.

Graduate School Test Preparation Practice Lab (2 hours/week)
Students in both specialization courses spend two dedicated hours in the Test Prep Practice Lab working on assignments from instructors and working on areas of specific weakness.


Advanced Writing Workshop (1.5 hours/week)
Writing Workshop is a process-oriented course designed to help students achieve the level writing learning outcomes. Advanced Writing Workshop features mini-lessons on a variety of topics related to revising and improving the complexity of writing. Students write a series of essays responding to quotations.

Critical Reading (2 hours/week)
This course combines both extensive and intensive reading as it examines the relationship between critical reading and critical thinking. It teaches students the skills they need to apply the principles of critical analysis and logical reasoning to the material they are reading. Emphasis will be placed on the
development and application of reading skills related to the interpretation, analysis, criticism, and advocacy of ideas encountered in the student’s reading, and augmentation of inquiry, logical reasoning/thinking, reflective judgment, and problem-solving skills.

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