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Part of our level 7, The GMAT® curriculum is designed as a graduate test preparation course. If earning an MBA at an American university is in your future, the GMAT® probably is, too. At Nomen Global, we understand that achieving a high GMAT® score is important to you. To help you obtain a high score and prepare you for MBA-level studies, this semester-length preparation course is structured to help you achieve your goals. The course features.

Weekly Schedule

Applied English Grammar – 6 hours per week of instruction

GMAT® Quantitative Reasoning – 4 hours per week of instruction

GMAT® Verbal Component – 4 hours per week of instruction

GMAT® Practice Lab – 4 hours per week of structured practice lab time


Course Content

  • Applied English Grammar - This is an advanced course designed to help you put your knowledge of grammar to practical use—essential for success on the GMAT® and in graduate-level writing.
  • Quantitative Reasoning Component - This course provides a foundational review of the mathematics you need to understand for the GMAT® test. Included are topics on arithmetic, algebra, word problems, test taking strategies for data sufficiency and integrated reasoning, geometry, data interpretation, and probabilities.
  • Verbal Component - In this course you will examine the question types found in Reading Comprehension, Text Completion, and the Sentence Equivalence items. You will also be exposed to Argument and Issue essay prompts. You will also review pertinent grammar points, cover frequently used vocabulary, and practice the strategies you will need to increase your chances of selecting the correct answers and writing sound essays.
  • GMAT® Practice Lab - This 4 hour a week practice lab is an independent study lab where students work on problems similar to those discussed in their GMAT® prep course.
  • Located in Provo, Utah, Nomen Global offers GMAT preparation courses that help students pass the GMAT exam, and prepare for graduate business courses

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